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FEMMESi is an Independent Show option of organizing a FEMMES Talk where ‘i’ donates Independency by Enthusiast and young aspirants interested in organizing a Talk Show, Conferences, Charcha, Meetups Etc. to reach and spread the true meaning of Ideas, Innovations, Business Etc in diverse and multidiscipline around the globe. FEMMESi will also be following same procedure but shall be organized at Colleges/Universities/Schools, States, Corporates, Countries and NGOs following multidiscipline and broad categories of talks. The ultimate aim of FEMMESi is to reach every individual of society around the globe to spread the true understanding and knowledge of Ideas, Innovation, Business etc.


The true sense of Independent Show is to reach more and more people through our event and spread true sense of Understanding and Knowledge of various verticals through Talks, Conferences, Charcha Etc.:

The aim is to change the mind set of people and motivate them in understanding the real sense of Ideas and Innovations in different verticals in this era of Competition, Challenges, Confusions and Curiosity. FEMMESi initiative is unique concept of giving an opportunity to youngsters and professionals to organize Independent FEMMES Talk under different types of events with broad and wider category of multidiscipline and diverse topics with ideas and innovations under different verticals:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Science & Technology
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Legal
  • Fashion
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Art, Culture & Architecture
  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Medicine
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Sports
  • Social Activism
  •  Industries & Services

Topics can be added after the approval from FEMMES by the FEMMESi organizers

FEMMESi Event Types

  • General Events
  • University Events
  • Youth Events
  • Edu Events
  • W&M Events
  • Live Events
  • ENT Events
  • Internal Events