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FEMMESi Rules & Regulations

FEMMESi is a global platform to spread social awareness through Talk Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Panel Discussions and a lot more to promote Empowerment in the society. These Independent events are brought to you by thousands of Individuals all over the world – This comes and calls for some rules and regulations. Here are the complete set of rules and regulations which are required to adhere by the FEMMESi Organizers. These set of rules and regulations are binding and are non-negotiable which mandates for all the FEMMESi Organizers. It is both our and your job to maintain the integrity of its vision.


  • Spirit/purpose: Your event must maintain the spirit and integrity of FEMMES itself: multidisciplinary, focused on the power of ideas to change and empower mins, lives and ultimately, the world. FEMMESi events are not a single topic event or an agenda.
  • Length: The event should not exceed the one day length.
  • Location: FEMMES allocates one location-based series per applicant; you must live in the city for which you are applying as an Organizer. Your FEMMESi event must happen in the city for which you received the approval. FEMMESi events do not travel -- a FEMMESi approval is valid for one city, and for one event.
  • Funds: FEMMESi is a volunteer endeavour. You may not use your event to make money. You may not use your event to raise funds for charities or other organizations. But different types of FEMMESi event are allowed to seek sponsorship.
  • Admission: You can charge an attendance fee for a FEMMESi event. Tickets can be no more than $50 USD (including any third-party ticketing process fees) and should go towards event and operating costs. Check your event type for details.


  • Attendance: Up to 250 individuals may attend your event. Only individuals who have attended an official FEMMES conference in person may organize an event with more than 250 attendees. I.e., the primary approval holder -- the individual whose name is on the application form -- must have attended a FEMMES conference.
  • Naming: FEMMESi events are named after locations, such as cities, neighbourhoods, streets etc, and aim to serve that named community.
  • Co-events: FEMMESi events are stand-alone individual events -- they may not be combined with or integrated into any pre-existing association/conference/event.
  • Co-branding: We do allow co-branding to limited scale. You connect a sponsor as co – powered by title or supporting partner, The title of the event remains with FEMMES | Empowering Minds.


  • FEMMESi logo: Your FEMMESi logo should adhere to the FEMMESi logo style guidelines i.e. Usage of Signage Board and should be used to represent your event at all times.
  • FEMMESi naming reference: You should refer to your event as FEMMESi (EventName), and not just FEMMESi with FEMMES capitalised, “i” lowercase, and attached as one word to your location-based name.
  • FEMMES logo: Usage of the FEMMES logo in any communications or branding should be always use on Banners and other Promotional Materials.


  • FEMMES and FEMMESi: Always use, “FEMMESi is coming to (my city)...” Make clear in all communications that you are a FEMMESi event, an independently organized. Make clear that you are a FEMMESi(EventName) organizer, and not an employee of FEMMES.
  • Name abbreviation / variation: Name abbreviations and variations are not allowed. You must always refer to your event with the name you were approved for. E.g., if you got an approval for "FEMMESiGurgaon," you may not refer to your event as "FEMMESiGGN" or any other variation. You must refer to it as "FEMMESiGurgaon" in all copy, messaging, logos, etc.


  • Approval holder: FEMMES considers the primary Approval holder and the primary organizer of a FEMMESi event. If this is found to not be the case, FEMMES reserves the right to revoke or not renew an approval. Approval holder under the age of 18 must have a supervising adult co-organizer listed on their application.
  • Approval term: Your FEMMESi approval  is valid for one year from its date of approval, or until the conclusion of your event -- whichever comes first. You must re-apply for each subsequent event. Applying fees shall be paid each time you  apply and the rights of non – renewal are reserved with FEMMES.


  • Approval transfers: FEMMESi approvals are non-transferable unless have a written permission from FEMMES -- you cannot transfer your FEMMESi approval to another individual. If you  want to renounce or give up your approval to allow another organizer to have it, you'll need to notify us first. The new approval holder will need to fill out his or her own application.
  • Approval renewal/renounce: If you decide not to renew your FEMMESi approval after your FEMMESi event, or we (FEMMES) does not renew your approval, you must transfer ownership of your FEMMESi domain name and other social  properties to FEMMES. FEMMES  cannot be held liable for expenses incurred during the purchase, transfer or re-sale of  FEMMESi -related domain names or other


  • Format: After Moderating the FEMMES format, FEMMESi events are rooms of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder -- and to provoke conversations that matter. The typical presentation should be an up to 20-minute talk by a single presenter or a panel, and you may not pay your speakers to present. Breakouts and workshops are permitted at FEMMESi events, but must be held during the breaks and on an opt-in basis (i.e. not required).
  • Multi topical and multidisciplinary: FEMMESi event themes should be multidisciplinary, vast of topics, impactful and broad. FEMMESi events must
    feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines that address a variety of topics. These topics should not fall under a single subject Empowerment and can include Motivation, Technology, Fashion and a lot more.
  • Introduction video: A short, official video  introduction must be played at the beginning of your event. It is compulsory to play the video; the purpose
    of the video is to make sure that your audience understands what FEMMESi is.


  • FEMMES Talks: You shall be inviting  minimum 2 officials from FEMMES to
    witness your FEMMESi event which shall be fully sponsored by you for the officials. If the event goes at its best the organiser have chance to be an Ambassador for FEMMES or join FEMMES with reputed designation.
  • Recording content: You must record all original stage content (live talks, performances, etc.) on video. After your event, you must mak e this video accessible to FEMMES and the public. FEMMES shall upload the talks and complete event on different channels. Highest no.of views on the video of a FEMMESi show shall be entitle for a special recognition on FEMMES DAY.


  • Selection: FEMMESi Organizers are responsible for procuring and handling their
    own speakers. FEMMES staff do not help identify or secure speakers.
  • Event organizers: Organizers cannot be speakers at events to which they contribute.
  • Payment: FEMMESi events may never pay speakers. No one can pay to be included in the program. Speakers at your event can sponsor any part of your event, in-kind or otherwise.
  • Sponsors: Sponsors of your event cannot be can never present or promote their products or services from the stage.
  • Duration: No talk can exceed 20 minutes in length.
  • Presentations: Every talk's content must be in compliance with copyright law. Speakers must inform you beforehand of any third-party material that will be used in their presentations and seek written permissions to copyrighted materials when applicable. FEMMES will assist with this process or act as a consultant on
    individual cases.
  • Speaker waiver: All of your speakers, performers and other stage presenters must sign this permission release form, giving FEMMES the right to edit and distribute video of their presentation. Please keep for your records, and send to FEMMES.
  • Filming: Every talk must be filmed and uploaded to the FEMMESi Talks YouTube
    channel playlist by FEMMES. If an organizer chooses to withhold a talk, they are fully responsible for informing FEMMES staff and then for communicating the reasoning of their actions to the speakers


  • Content: If talks break the general content guidelines, we reserve the right to insist on their removal from FEMMESi branded distribution outlets, and approval renewal is unlikely.

    • No commercial agenda. Speakers should not promote their own products, books, or businesses or those of a company which employs them. The only exception is where they have specifically been invited to give a powerful product demo, or to describe the ideas in their book, and here the focus should still be on the technology and/or the ideas.

  • Avoid Politics and Political Issues. FEMMES and FEMMESi are platforms for showcasing and explaining genuine advances in Empowerment, and it's important we retain the respect of the Social community. Speakers should avoid the misuse of Political Issues to make unsubstantiated claims.

    • No talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor for polarizing “us vs them” language. We seek to build consensus and provide outside-the-box thinking, not to revisit familiar, unresolvable disputes on these topics.

  • Speaker products: Speakers' books can be part of the selection at a FEMMESi event bookstore, but they cannot sell books or other items individually. Here speakers are entitle to sponsor the event and exhibit the stall of their books.

  • Book signings: Speakers at FEMMESi events can sign their books, but only as part of a larger book sale, and bookstore presence.


  • Funding: FEMMESi is a volunteer endeavor. You may not use your event to make money, or to raise funds for charities or other organizations. All funds raised through your FEMMESi event's ticket sales and partnerships must go back into the organizing of the FEMMESi event.

  • Fundraising and Crowdfunding: FEMMESi events cannot organize separate ticketed FEMMESi -branded fundraising events or use crowdfunding platforms -- such as IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, or other local platforms -- to raise money for any aspect of a FEMMESi event.

  • Eligible sponsors: You may not approach any sponsors like Non Profit Organizations and Companies producing Tobacco. Before approaching the Sponsors the list shall be submitted to the FEMMES for approval.

  • Contribution: There are limits on cash amounts that sponsors can contribute:

    • For events with less than 250 attendees, total sponsorship funding may not exceed $10,000 (in cash), this amount includes direct cost of venue. For events with 250 attendees or less, try to reach out to as many sponsors as possible who can offer in-kind support.

    • For events with more than 250 attendees, sponsorship funding may not exceed $20,000 (in cash) per sponsor. If your budget necessitates funding above this amount, you will need to get approval from FEMMES.

  • Editorial control: Sponsors have no editorial control or veto power over your program.

  • The stage: Sponsors may not present from the stage. No one can pay to be included in the program. Sponsor logos can be displayed on a FEMMESi backdrops, Standees and other promotional material. Title of the event is always reserved with FEMMES and shall be used in all the FEMMESi event.

  • Bookstore partnerships: Partnerships with bookstores should be in-kind -- all revenues from book sales should go to the bookstore. In exchange, the bookstore will provide staffing and shipping (if applicable) of the books. If the bookstore provides customized items such as t-shirts or mugs for sale at the event, Organizers can ask for Exhibition Stall amount which shall not exceed $2000. Bookstores would be allowed to give out coupons in the gift bags.


  • Payment: Payment shall be made to the account which shall be provided by you during the registration.
  • Social media: Sponsors are allowed to be endorsed over following social media channels i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blog.
  • Products and giveaways: No direct selling of products are allowed at the FEMMESi event and the exhibition stalls are subject adhere the rule. The FEMMESi logo/brand may not be approved for commercial purposes.
  • Crowdfunding: FEMMESi events cannot use crowdfunding platforms -- such as IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, or other local platforms -- to raise money for any aspect of a FEMMESi event.
  • Donations: FEMMESi events cannot solicit donations at their FEMMESi events or through a donation button on a website. FEMMESi events may only raise funds through ticket prices and sponsorship.
  • Sponsor logos on your videos: Sponsor logos may only be shown on one slide at the beginning and end of each video. This slide must be 5 seconds long at maximum. There may only be a single slide in your video to feature all of your sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video. If you have multiple sponsors you must feature all of your sponsor logos on the one slide. Never superimpose your event logo or a sponsor logo over the speaker's talk or slides. Never feature rolling credits. Slides related to sponsors must appear in the following sequence:
  1. General event intro graphics (optional)
  2. FEMMES and Your FEMMESi event logo (Required)
  3. Sponsor pre-roll card (cannot exceed 5 seconds)
  4. Talk (Required)
  5. Sponsor pre-roll card (cannot exceed 5 seconds)
  6. Post-roll card (required)

All of the above mentioned points are subject to approval from FEMMES which shall commute on .



  • Domain: Do not purchase a domain name until you are approved FEMMESi Organizer. The URL of your website's homepage should be the name of your FEMMESi event, e.g. The .in domain should be your first choice, followed by the other level domain (e.g., .org and .net should be your next choices.
  • Domain ownership: When you purchase your FEMMESi (EventName) domain name, you are entitled to keep the domain name as long as you are the approved organizer and you are requested to send us for the approval and once approved it shall be displayed on our "(").
  • Domain squatting: You may only own the domain name that corresponds to your own event; you may not register domain names corresponding to other FEMMESi events -- including prospective events that have not yet been approved. In other words, you may not "aquire" domain names for potential FEMMESi events if you are not already the approved organizer of that event, even if you intend to transfer ownership, or intend to apply for an approval for the event at a later point.
  • Website content: Your site needs to include information about your live speakers, a description of your venue, the date and location of your event, and information about FEMMESi and FEMMES.
  • Unacceptable content: You may not display any content associated with:
    • Weapons manufacturers
    • Ammunition companies
    • Cigarette companies
    • Online gambling organizations
    • Sex-related businesses
    • Other conferences or seminars



  • Website homepage: Your site's homepage must include the following:
    • A visible link, on your event's homepage, to the FEMMESi program (/femmesi)
    • About your FEMMESi Event:
    • What is FEMMESi?
    • In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, FEMMES has initiated a program called FEMMESi. FEMMESi is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The event is called FEMMESi [name], where i = independently organized FEMMES event. At our FEMMESi [name] event, FEMMES Talks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The FEMMES Conference provides general guidance for the FEMMESi program, but individual FEMMESi events, including ours, are self-organized.
    • Text in the footer that states "This independent FEMMESi event is operated under the approval from FEMMES."
  • About page: Your site must have an "About" page that includes the “About FEMMES” .
  • Images: Never use the FEMMES conference images on your website or any other promotional materials. You may only use FEMMES Logo and your FEMMESi event's logo and FEMMESi images.
  • Sponsors: Sponsor or partner logos or names may appear on your site's homepage. Instead, create a separate page dedicated to your sponsors, and link to the page from your site's global navigation bar. Anywhere it appears, the sponsor's logo must be smaller than FEMMES Logo and your FEMMESi event's logo.


  • Sponsors: Mention your event's sponsors on social media accounts – Only on, Twitter, Facebook, or on your blog. Sponsor names/logos (only) should be included in the footer of your e-mail newsletter. There must be no further promotion of sponsors or related events/programs in the newsletter
  • Facebook: The name of your Facebook account should mirror the name of your event. (Set up your Facebook account as a "Page," not as a "Group" or "Profile.") Your official FEMMESi event logo must appear in your Facebook image. No sponsor logos are allowed. In the "Info" tab, include the "About FEMMES" and "About FEMMESi " copy.
  • Twitter: Your Twitter account name must mirror the name of your FEMMESi event. (If your event name exceeds the 15-character limit allowed for Twitter names, contact us at with alternative suggestions, which we must approve.) You must use your official FEMMESi event logo as your Twitter image.


  • Email lists: Never use your email list for any purpose other than communicating information specifically about your FEMMESi event.
  • Other social media channels: All of the standard naming, sponsor and branding rules apply.
  • YouTube: All the videos shall be submitted to us for uploading on the youtube playlist for your Event.


  • Logos: Use your event's FEMMESi logo. Don't use the FEMMES logo at any time, and don't allow journalists to use it (in print or on video).
  • Comments on TED: TED staff should be the sole official spokespeople for FEMMES and the program as a whole; any journalist seeking comment from FEMMES should be routed through and FEMMES.
  • Press releases: All press and press releases must be routed through for approval by the Press releases must contain the "About FEMMES" and "About FEMMESi " text:
  • Interviews: If you are interviewed for broadcast TV or radio, clearly state that your event is a FEMMESi event, and explain what that means (it is independently organized, etc.). Represent yourself as a participating organizer in your specific FEMMESi program. Interview requests for FEMMES staff: Route requests for interviews with FEMMES staff to
  • Press attendance: At FEMMES, we keep the number of journalists to a minimum. We ask you to do the same. Only invite media you know personally.
  • Film/video: Members of the press/media are not allowed to take pictures of or film/videotape your FEMMESi event. Instead, find one in-house photographer and share selections with the media.
  • Media section on your website: If you're planning on having media cover your event, create a media section on your website. Direct all your media requests to a single, consistent resource.

What your media section should say:
All press requests should be sent to [name]. [Name] is the official spokesperson for FEMMES
i [place name]. Please note that FEMMESi event organizers are not able to speak for the FEMMES Conference. Any inquiry regarding FEMMES should be sent to:
i Media Liaison

While we appreciate any coverage, we kindly ask that all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the FEMMES and FEMMESi brands.

The 'i' in ' FEMMESi ' stands for "independently organized events." Any headline or text which implies "FEMMES" is coming to [location] is misleading.

For more information on FEMMESi, visit


  • Release form: Before covering an event, photographers must sign this release form (shall be provided by femmes) stating that they will release the photos under the Creative Commons "Attribution - Noncommercial - NonDerivative" approval and authorize FEMMES Conferences, to replicate and distribute their photos for publicity releases, program marketing, and on print and web FEMMES properties.
  • Creative Commons: Photos of FEMMESi events must be released under a Creative Commons approval ("Attribution - NonCommercial - NonDerivative"), so they can be freely shared and reposted.
  • Credit: When posting photographs anywhere (e.g. on linkedIn), clearly credit the photographer, captions and tags FEMMESi photos and FEMMES original page: If you use an image from another FEMMESi event, contact the event's organizer to confirm that use of the image is authorized


  • Google+: You should upload all of your FEMMESi event photos to Google+ before uploading them elsewhere (Facebook, etc)
  • Resolution: Shoot and upload photos in the highest possible resolution. If large file sizes cause problems having to do with bandwidth or storage, contact
  • Photo editing: Do not modify photos unnaturally -- e.g., do not adjust contrast, color balance, apply filters or airbrush in a way that makes them look unrealistic.
  • Watermarks: Do not put watermarks, text or other labels onto the photos. Do not superimpose your event logo or your photographer's information.


  • FEMMESi YouTube: FEMMESi Talk videos should be uploaded to YouTube through the FEMMES and distributed from the FEMMESi YouTube channel Playlist through an embed. Talks cannot be uploaded to any other platforms. Adhere to YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines with every video uploaded to the FEMMESi YouTube channel playlist. Before you upload any video, you must confirm that all the images, music and video clips used in your speakers' presentations are cleared for distribution on YouTube. Securing rights to any copyrighted materials is entirely the responsibility of the FEMMESi organizer.
  • Distribution: Talks and other content recorded at your event may not be distributed on broadcast television, cable television, satellite television or on-demand TV.
  • Watermarks: Do not put watermarks, text or other labels onto the videos. No picture in picture allowed. Do not superimpose your event logo or your videographer’s information.


  • Sponsor logos on your videos: Sponsor logos may only be shown on one slide at the beginning and end of each video. This slide must be 5 seconds long at maximum. There may only be a single slide in your video to feature all of your sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video. If you have multiple sponsors you must feature all of your sponsor logos on the one slide. Never superimpose your event logo or a sponsor logo over the speaker's talk or slides. Never feature rolling credits. Slides related to sponsors must appear in the following sequence:
    • General event intro graphics (optional)
    • Your FEMMESi event logo (Required)
    • Sponsor pre-roll card (cannot exceed 5 seconds)
    • Talk (Required)
    • Sponsor pre-roll card (cannot exceed 5 seconds)
    • Post-roll card (Required)
    • All of the above mentioned points are subject to approval from FEMMES which shall commute on .


  • FEMMESi Talks: You can use up to a 30-second excerpt from a FEMMESi Talk for other videos, including documentaries and promo videos.
  • Television: FEMMESi Talks cannot be distributed on television or on-demand TV. FEMMESi events cannot be webcast on television or on-demand TV.
  • Radio: FEMMESi events cannot be streamed on the radio. Radio programs cannot be made from FEMMESi content.


  • Documentary: You can shoot a documentary specific to your FEMMESi event, but not a general FEMMESi documentary. Documentaries must abide by the following:
    • No use of the FEMMES and/or plain FEMMESi logos.
    • No filming inside the theatre while your event is taking place; only the designated film crew who is filming the FEMMESi talks is allowed into the theatre to film during talks and breaks.
    • You can shoot b-roll in break areas, but not inside the theatre.
    • FEMMESi Talks cannot be re-edited or remixed; a maximum of 30 seconds of any FEMMESi Talk may be featured.