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Our Story

While attending many conferences and listening to activists, an enigma was always left behind, that how many people are really understanding the meaning of empowerment. After understanding the psychology of people in different States and Countries it was very clear how people react and understand to Famous and Eminent Personalities and also a third person counselling them.

Those personalities who are creating history across the world shall receive a recognition which will be one of its kind. After all, success and happiness thrive and grow even more in saddapind. They have been proving their mettle but have never had the advantage. This year, witness an event where the expatriates shall come together on one platform in New Delhi to experience new interactions and ideas, discussions and networking on various verticals of Empowerment and explore opportunities for business.

Properties of FEMMES – Empowering Minds

About Founder

A young dynamic Management & Legal professional, An Entrepreneur, a visionary by potential, an innovator by the intellect. Sahil, with his legal and business expertise, has recognized the fault points in the present culture of legal, social & business strategic services. He has been recognized as Social Entrepreneur by Aarohan NGO. He is very well associated with different NGOs and with full dedication he is working for Child and Women Rights. Along with many voluntary associations and NGOs he led the team of students and lawyers and conducted India’s Biggest Survey on Sexual Harassment at Workplace. He has recently appointed as a Youngest Member of Obama Foundation.

He has recently been honored as a Global Goodwill Ambassador for India because of his excellent work towards sustainable development and for his work towards Women and Child Development. He is also working on different projects to make India a women friendly country.

His idea of promoting and understanding the real meaning of Empowerment – FEMMES – A TALK SHOW & AWARDS (Recognized as India’s first ever live Audience talk show and motivational show to promote empowerment and make India a women friendly country) is a great initiative where renowned people and experts can clear the meaning of Empowerment.

He never fails to forget the young India and also providing free counseling sessions for their Careers and Early age Start-Ups.


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